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We enjoy what we do, and we want to let you in on some of the fun things that happen behind the scenes. 

A Helpful Guide to Image Optimization

Images often take up a large portion of the data on a webpage, and their file size can drastically change the page’s loading time. The larger the file size, the longer it takes to download. So, optimizing images can reduce your file size, and can shave some seconds off your page’s loading time — which might not sound like much, but can make a significant difference in the performance, and the user experience of your site.

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Take a Break, It’s Good for You!

It’s a widely regarded sentiment in America that you’re supposed to work hard, and that the best way to work hard is to never stop working. A workaholic culture is not only common, but is often times placed on a pedestal…

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Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month

June is celebrated as LGBTQ+ Pride Month internationally. It was first officially recognized in America in 2002 when President Clinton declared June “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month,” but the name has since changed to be more inclusive of the whole community, and is now referred to as “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” or simply “Pride Month.” However, Pride was celebrated long before that first official declaration, and the month of June does not commemorate that declaration, but the Stonewall Riots…

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A Helpful Guide to Heading Tags

Heading tags are crucial to any webpage. They provide the user, and the search engine, with imperative information about the page’s content and structure. On the front-end, from the user’s perspective, heading tags simply appear as titles and subtitles. Users often want to use headings just to change the font size of their text. On the back-end, where the developers write the page’s code, heading tags appear like so: h1, h2, h3 and so forth until h6. The reason for the numbered heading system is to show the hierarchy of information, and that hierarchy is crucial…

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How Web Development is like “Game of Thrones”

Are you one of the millions currently mourning the loss of the mega-hit show, Game of Thrones? Avidly watching such an intense, and addictive, show as GoT has me seeing it everywhere I go, and not just in the official GoT Oreos now sold at nearly any grocery store. I’m finding parallels to GoT everywhere, even in web development, which is not as far apart as one might initially assume, although web development is quite a bit safer I must say…

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Our Digital Minerva Intern Experience

My name is Chrissy Garrett, and I am a Digital Intern at Digital Minerva for the summer of 2019! It can oftentimes feel like an uphill battle trying to find a summer internship as if you’re trying to convince recruiters that your presence at their company is worthwhile, albeit fairly short-term. There seems to be this notion circulating that anyone applying for a job or internship has to know everything about their field, or else they are simply not qualified. When really, an excellent internship has a bit of a give and take experience…

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