A different kind of brewery collaboration

March 24, 2020

Since we closed down the office in the early half of March, we have been busy assisting our clients to adapt to the climate that we currently find ourselves in.

Part of Minerva’s philosophy is to help local non-profits. We don’t share that work or post on Facebook how awesome we are for donating our time, we just do it because it makes us feel good. This one is different though. We are going to shout as much as possible about it because we need you to pay attention, share it to generate awareness and hopefully support it by making a donation. Today we, in collaboration with Pale Fire Brewing, Sysco, and Downtown Harrisonburg, launched palefirehelps.com. This is a pop-up food bank supporting local restaurant workers in a time of need.

We are so excited to have been asked to partner with PaleFireHelps by making, hosting and maintaining the website. A week ago this was just an idea being bounced around on a phonecall with Tim Brady, the Co-Founder of Pale Fire Brewing. Below is the press release that went out 20 minutes ago.

March 23, 2020 — Harrisonburg, VA — Pale Fire Brewing Company is teaming up with Sysco, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, and Digital Minerva for “Pale Fire Helps,” a food bank resource to support restaurant workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The food bank will be open at Pale Fire Brewing Company’s tap room in the Ice House building at 217 S Liberty St #105 starting Wednesday, March 25, during the hours of 1-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday. A variety of non-perishable items donated by Sysco and community members will be available. Participants are asked to show their most recent pay stub to confirm eligibility. Responsible sanitation and social distancing measures will be followed at all times.

“Pale Fire Helps is intended to provide tangible support to restaurant workers in these times of need. The restaurant industry has been hit particularly hard as our country practices necessary social distancing. Hundreds of industry workers in our area found themselves without income with little warning. Something as simple as groceries can go a long way. We are excited to find such generous partners in Sysco Foods, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, and Digital Minerva,” said Tim Brady, founder of Pale Fire Brewing Company.

Restaurant workers can learn more at www.palefirehelps. The website was created and is being hosted and maintained by Digital Minerva, a downtown agency who donated their services to the program.

The food bank will only be available to restaurant industry workers. Participation is not limited to Harrisonburg residents and all restaurant workers are welcome. If you are travelling from a long distance, please call the tap room at (540) 217-5452 to confirm availability before making the trip. Participants are asked to avoid stockpiling and take only what they immediately need, and are recommended to bring a reusable shopping bag and take no more than will fit inside. The program will last as long as it can safely continue to operate and items are available.

Pale Fire is also accepting both shelf-stable food and monetary donations to support this program, as well as volunteers. You can learn more about how you can help at www.palefirehelps. Pale Fire Brewing’s tap room will remain open to the general public for to-go beer and merchandise purchases.

Press contact:

Tim Brady
(540) 217-5452
[email protected]