Adapting to an Increasingly Online World

June 22, 2020

With workplaces mandating that employees work from home, universities shifting to online-only classes, and restaurants progressing toward restricted capacity dining rooms and online order and delivery, digital business solutions are a rising necessity.

We’re experiencing the biggest shift in business organization in modern history. We’ve been through economic collapses, but never with the addition of such logistical obstacles and public health risks. Now is the time to invest in the digital well-being of your business, and take your place on the new digital landscape. At a time like this, businesses need to utilize all avenues to survive. Now that there are new ranges of audiences to cater to — customers that stay-at-home, customers that will do curbside pickup, in-person customers, and more — businesses need to cater to those new variety of needs.

This isn’t about increasing profit margins; it’s about keeping our society, and employment, functioning, and progressing. We need to adapt our everyday products and services in order to function in this new digital space.

We can’t ignore the second waves rising across the country and the impending possibility of another lockdown. Standing still right now could leave you behind in a changed world. Now is the time to implement a robust digital presence.

Digital Business Tools to Focus On:

  • E-Commerce

    Not only can selling your products or services online help support your business during these times, but it can also help expand your business to a wider audience. Both geographically and demographically.

  • Online Ordering

    Right now, restaurants need to be able to share their goods without people coming into their physical location. Online ordering with good descriptions and photography makes it easy for customers to place an order.

  • Digital Events

    More and more events are transitioning to the digital space to protect public health. Live Streams, webinars and video conferencing have become commonplace. Even concerts from home have been growing in popularity, like Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance’s Sofapalooza Concert Series. However, these events require digital infrastructure and support to run smoothly, not to mention an online campaign to advertise these events.

  • E-learning Platforms

    As classrooms, places of higher education, and summer learning programs move to an online-only realm, they’ve turned to e-learning platforms to continue instruction. With a wide array of e-learning platforms to choose from, it’s challenging to select the right one for your needs, and just as challenging to launch it.

  • Google My Business

    Google My Business has updated its services and features in order to help businesses keep their customers informed. GMB has rolled out new additions such as “take-out only,” “curbside pickup,” adjusted hours, the ability to link to a gift card purchase directly on Google, and donate to your business. For more information about GMB’s new features for restaurants affected by COVID-19, check out a recent blog post of ours.

  • General Search Engine Optimization and Site Optimization

    With businesses relying more heavily on digital sales and transactions, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have that competitive edge in search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) can make a huge difference in your site’s reach and performance. Some quick things that you can do to improve your SEO today are: ensure all of your images have relevant alt tags, ensure all pages have appropriate titles, research and implement relevant keywords, schema markup, and keeping your content up to date.

Need Assistance Adapting Your Company’s Online Presence?

We’re here to help! Our web development, SEO, content services, digital marketing, and more can help your business stand out in a time when online presence is everything.