Garrison Family Dentistry

Website Design, Content Restructure
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Laying the Groundwork

Garrison Family Dentistry is a family-run dental practice that’s been expertly serving the Harrisonburg area since 1983. They sought to modernize and streamline their site while still providing patients with necessary information.

Their previous website was very rich in educational content, but one of their goals was to consolidate and reduce the content to make it easier for people to find exactly what they need. There were two components to this project, and the first involved taking their existing content and reorganizing it in a way that did just that.

The Design

Once we knew how the website would be structured and laid out, it was time to design. There were two very important design components for this project. The first was that it reflected a modern, technology forward dentistry practice. The second was that the website utilized colors and clean white space to guide the eye of the user, communicate their identity, and uphold their reputation.

It was a pleasure working with the team at Garrison Family Dentistry. In the end, we crafted a website sure to make you smile!