Heifetz International Music Institute

Website Design & Development and Content Restructure

A partnership that brought music to our ears.

Heifetz International Music Institute offers world-class instruction and programming for rising string musicians. During the summer of 2020, Heifetz was the only summer music institute to transition their typical programming into an all-online format. So they were especially interested in the improvement of their site.

We were quite excited to work with this incredible institute, especially to help them continue programming in a new virtual format. We worked to redesign their site, and restructure and edit their content.

a screen capture of the homepage for the Heifetz Institute

Updated Branding & Design

As The Heifetz Institute student population grew, so did their site. As they began to outgrow their original site, they needed a full site redesign and a branding update. We worked closely with their Development and Marketing Manager to nail down the institute’s aesthetic. They wanted something that felt both artsy and professional, something that shows their fun side but also conveys the gravitas of their programming.

We kept their orginial color scheme of black, white and gold, but updated it by adding two new shades of blue.

The site redesign also needed to heavily feature all of Heifetz’s video content and virtual events. We embedded interactive Youtube playlists, included a video header, added a (virtual) events calendar, and more.

Content Restructure & Edits

Heifetz was looking for an overhaul of their site’s information architecture, navigation menu, and overall user experience. We spent time analyzing each page to make line-by-line edits for search engine optimization, web readability, and overall content improvements. Then we reorganized all pages, combining some, removing others, and restructuring the site’s navigation entirely. Their orginal menu was unruly and difficult to navigate, as many dropdowns led to more dropdowns, until the menu was too long to navigate. So we created a more streamlined menu, with easy to follow subsections, making all 130+ pages easy for users to find.

A showcase of Digital Minerva's work on the Heifetz website, showing the site on two different devices

Optimized for the World Wide Web.


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optimized search results for Heifetz International Music Institute